Novella Progressives

Novella Progressive Lenses

Novella Progressives

The Novella short corridor progressive combines optimum far and near vision with the best high index choice for wearers not wanting to compromise on frame selection, style or comfort.

Novella provides a 120 degree far vision field for unmatched comfort and a wide, far distance. The soft design allows for a smooth transition between viewing zones.  A 14 mm fitting height and 11 mm short corridor accommodate small, stylish frames, allowing the near vision and reading areas to remain intact.

Novella progressives also exceed 99% UV protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Standard, you’ll enjoy anti-reflective coating allowing the lens to transmit maximum light for sharper night vision and less glare.

High Performance Material
Novella progressives are offered in a 1.70 high index material, called 'Thindex 1.70'. High-Index lenses are lenses that have a higher "index" of refraction.  Simply put, they can bend light rays very efficiently.

And because high index lenses are so efficient at bending light rays, less material is required for the same prescription resulting in thinner, lighter lenses for greater comfort and appearance. It’s the ultimate choice for stronger prescriptions and for those demanding the latest technology available.


Novella Progressive Lens