SunRx Polarized Lenses by VISION EASE

Innovation, quality and making more out of the outdoor experience

SunRx Polycarbonate Lenses
Active enthusiasts the world over insists on using high performance gear while enjoying outdoor and sporting activities. With patented polarized technology, VISION EASE is the clear choice for high performance, prescription sun lenses.

SunRx lenses utilize leading patented technology to offer the highest polarizing efficiency. Outdoor tested, SunRx lenses are made from the lightest material, are virtually unbreakable and are four times more scratch resistant than standard sunlenses. So go ahead, take your SunRx lenses to the beach, biking, hiking or whatever your preference, because SunRx lenses are built to be comfortable and meet the needs of an adventurous spirit.

SunRx polarized polycarbonate lenses give your eyes superior performance and protection in both sunny and cloudy conditions and eliminate 99% of all reflected glare, as well as 100% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

With SunRx lenses, you will see more detail, with reduced fatigue, eyestrain, and distortion. You will experience more natural, true colors across the entire visible light spectrum with SunRx polarized lenses.

What lens color is the best choice for me?

Gray lenses are the most color-neutral. They transmit colors evenly and are comfortable in bright, medium and intermittent light. Brown lenses are becoming increasingly popular, especially among woman. Brown lenses enhance color contrast and preserve depth perception for activities such as driving, fishing, winter sports and golf. Mirror coated lenses offer increased light absorption in the bright sun, as well as a fashion forward appearance. SunRx polycarbonate lenses are available in gray, brown and Classic Green as well as silver, gold and blue mirrors.

SunRx Plastic Lenses
SunRx polarized plastic lenses eliminate 98 percent of reflected glare allowing better vision outdoors and while driving, and help protect eye health by blocking 100 percent of harmful UV rays.  Available with a scratch-resistant coating ensuring lenses last longer, SunRx lenses provide improved visual acuity and depth perception.  Available in gray and brown.

View without Polarized Lenses

View without polarized lenses.

View with SunRx Polarized Lenses

View with SunRx polarized lenses.