My Coat Small Footprint

Small Footprint. Big Benefits

With MyCoat 2.0, you can offer mirror and anti-reflective coatings directly to your customers from your facility – faster, more efficiently and more profitably. MyCoat 2.0 coats lenses in small batches, finish glasses quickly and improves your margins.

MyCoat 2.0 offers:

  • Increased ticket price by offering added features your customers want
  • Improved customer satisfaction by dramatically reducing turnaround time
  • Enhanced consumer lifestyle by eliminating glare and enhancing fashion
  • Multiple Full and Flash Mirror Options

You’re in control with MyCoat 2.0. Become your business’ primary coating facility with our small footprint coating and anti-reflective coating machine.

conveniencetimeiconEfficient and fast

Multi-layer coatings in 30 minutes


Increased Sales

30% average 90 day increase in AR sales


Easy Operation

Touch screen operated and easy to run

See how MyCoat 2.0 works!

Simplicity Meets Efficiency

MyCoat 2.0 makes lens coating convenient, flexible and fast. With a few taps on the easy-to-use touch screen, this system deposits a multi-layer AR coating on up to six lenses in less than 15 minutes. And because MyCoat 2.0 utilizes two optimum materials for the high and low index layers, it produces coatings with outstanding optical quality.

Backed by VISION EASE ingenuity and support

VISION EASE makes it easy to make the lenses your customers want. This fully-automated system provides pre-installed recipes for various refractive indices. What’s more, VISION EASE provides full, on-site training for your entire staff.

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See what our customers are saying

“We wanted AR capability, but space was a premium for us. MyCoat required a minimal footprint. The ability to do AR without the need of a large clean room was the difference for my practice. The turnaround time is also critical and MyCoat excels.”

– Dr. Kevin Schmidt, O.D., Eye Care Plus, Nashville, TN

“At the end of the day, MyCoat gives us the opportunity to process an AR custom job quickly and efficiently allowing us to satisfy our customer needs.”

– Mitchel Hirsch, MH Optical, South Hackensack, NJ

“The MyCoat system not only provides us with a good solution for AR treatments, but it also gives our 2 locations the opportunity to offer our customers a range of options including mirror coatings and super-hydrophobic treatments, which makes our labs competitive in the AR treatment market today.”

– Raul Garcia Lastra, Vertex Impulsora de Ópticas, Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast is the MyCoat 2.0 process?

A: Very fast. The coating cycle time is under 15 minutes per side, depending on the coating formula desired. Up to six pair of lenses can be fully coated, front and back, in one hour.

Q: Is this some sort of a dip coating?

A: Not at all. The MyCoat 2.0 process uses a patented vacuum sputter deposition coating process that is similar to the technology used by “big box” lens coating companies, but scaled to a size appropriate for a single retailer or a small, independent lab. The technology used in the MyCoat 2.0 system is also used to apply precision coatings in the semiconductor industry and in the fabrication of CDs and DVDs.

Q: How many types of coatings are available?

A: Currently, MyCoat 2.0 can apply two types of AR coating and several mirror coatings in full and flash.

Q: Is MyCoat 2.0 difficult to learn?

A: Our proven processes and training will help ensure that chosen operators can be trained to produce top-quality AR and mirror coatings. We offer in office training as well as on location, it is your choice!

Q: How big do I need to be before MyCoat 2.0 makes sense for me?

A: There are numerous factors to consider when you are researching if MyCoat 2.0 is right for you. While increasing profits and the reduction of costs is extremely important, MyCoat 2.0 gives you the satisfaction of being able to control the entire process of fabrication. The quality and delivery time that you are able to provide is clearly the most important factor to consider.

Q: What about maintenance?

A: The importance of daily and weekly processes is essential to ensure the best product outcome. Our technical training team will train your operators to perform these important steps. The yearly service plan that includes on site preventative maintenance and remote monitoring services can be customized to fit your exact needs.