My Coat Machine Side ViewTechnical Information

Get the technical information and facility requirements for MyCoat 2.0

Technical Details

AR & Mirror cycle time: Under 15 minutes, depending on design

Power requirement

Coater: 208/220 V 60Hz 3 phase or 230 V 50Hz 3 phase

Chiller:208/220 V 60Hz Single phase or 230 V 50Hz Single phase

De-Ionizing air gun: 110 V

Facility requirements

  • Compressed air, dry and oil free, 4 bar
  • Argon, at least 99.995% purity, 2 bar
  • Oxygen, at least 99.5% purity, 2 bar
  • Clean, closed loop chilled DI water
  • Internet connection for secure, remote, real-time diagnostic support and upload of new coating designs


VISION EASE supports MyCoat 2.0 with a comprehensive product support program and on-site maintenance contracts. Turnkey service is required at intervals based on your usage. This assures continuous, trouble-free operation. Parts and consumables are held in stock at VISION EASE at all times.

MyCoat Service Plan Overview